Culinary Proficiency Classes for Youth and Young Adults


Through education, practice and comprehensive growth, Personal Plates strives to show students of diverse backgrounds the benefits of cooking their own meals in the comfort of their home. During the class, students will learn how to prepare meals from different cultures that are healthy and flavorful while developing an appreciation for food and its origin 


Chef Gina’s background with young students and children with developmental differences makes her the best culinarian for the job! Students will learn the basics around the kitchen: 

* Proper use of equipment and appliances

* Knife safety 

* Food handling and storage 

* Different techniques on preparation 

* And more! 

Reserve Your Seat!

Per Person: $115*  

Private Groups of 4-6 people: $75* per person

*Plus cost of food 

Gift Certificates are available for introductory class!

Specializing in classes for children and young adults.

How Does It Work?

Chef Gina will begin the first lesson with the basics on how to use the equipment in your home properly, with tips on what to avoid such as NO ALUMINUM IN THE MICROWAVE! and NEVER CATCH A FALLING KNIFE! A simple dish will be prepared and we enjoy together as we discuss favorite dishes and recipes they would like to learn.

After the initial class, menus will be customized for the student(s) prior to each class there after, ensuring the engagement and excitement for the next lab. They are encouraged to find recipes that would normally take about 30 minutes or less to make. We will learn to read the recipe, gather our mise en place (What's that?), proper and handy ways of measuring the ingredients, and how to adjust amounts to obtain the desired servings. 

With every class, mistakes are welcomed! One of the many ways to learn is through our mistakes, and it is better to make them in a setting where the student can understand why the error happened and how can it be fixed. Oh no, too much salt? A discussion arises on why too much salt is a bad thing and tips are given on how to prevent that from happening again. 

To begin classes, the coordinator (parent, guardian, or school representative) should send an email to We will discuss a schedule, number of students and classes, reimbursements and set goals. If a gift certificate is purchased, it is non-binding and up to the coordinator to continue.  


"Gina is a wonderful instructor and cook."

-Adele Falco, Founder, Curious-on-Hudson, September, 2019

Date Night Packages

Pepperoni Pinwheels with Marinara Sauce

For Couples & Small Families

Chef Gina will work with the host to plan a customized menu with 3 or 4 courses. On the day of the event, the chef will come into the home and begin creating the delicious meal and arrange the decor to create the romantic ambiance for the evening. After the last meal is served, the kitchen is cleaned and returned to look as if the chef was never there. 


Here is a video description available from Facebook.  Local Reviewer Kristal G. Lopez interviewed Chef Gina in January, 2019 for details on a typical date night service.

Group Event Services

Plated Service


Menu is personalized with the host, either 3 or 4 courses to be plated and presented to each guest.

*best for couples or groups of 10 or less

Family Style / Buffet Service


Courses are served in a decorative setting allowing guests to help themselves to all the dishes available.

*best for groups up to 20 persons

Semi-Buffet Service


Food items are presented in smaller batches to ensure each plate served receives the best taste and quality. 

Most popular.

*best for groups of 20 or less persons

Tapas Service


Small portions of menu items are plated and passed by servers throughout event

 *best for groups of 20+ persons 

Action Station


May be added to any other service. 

A menu item is finished as the guest requests. Such as appetizers, meat carving, stir fry, or pasta. 

*add on service