Here are some common questions:

How much does an event cost?

Every event is customized per the host's desires. While some events are the common three course meal, some prefer four courses, or multiple choices per course depending on the number of guests expected. 

Are budgets considered?

Personal Plates can try to accommodate reasonable budgets. Please contact at least two months prior to event. 

Who does the food shopping?

All of the food, unless previously arranged, will be purchased by the chef within 24hrs of the event. 

How does a typical event go?

Prior to the event, the chef will go into the home to view the kitchen and dining/eating areas to see which equipment and set-up will work best. The needed ingredients are purchased and  prepared in the chef's home before the event, and then packaged and transported safely (Cold items remain cold). Upon arrival, the chef(s) will begin setting up in the kitchen and cooking the recipes as needed. All dishes will be presented in the manner as chosen by the host. 

Is tax/gratuity included?

No, these items are not included in the quote. The final amount will be taxed per the location's local tax rate. Gratuities are kindly accepted.  

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